The curious case of John McAfee

The curious case of John McAfee


The crypto world is new and exciting and unconventional. So it comes as a surprise to exactly no one that the world of bitcoin tends to attract some unusual people with exciting lifestyles and stories that could compete with the best of fiction (both in length and in crazy plot twists). But among these unconventional people, there is one that goes even further than that. Someone you do not just call unusual but maybe – to be completely honest here – simply crazy.

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Meet John McAfee, computer programmer, the potential 2020 US president and a Bitcoin enthusiast whose life story is simply too epic to keep to ourselves.

Buckle up, it is going to be a wild ride.

John McAfee: an epic life story seasoned with a pinch of bitcoin

Maybe the biggest plot twist to people who know some tidbits of information about John McAfee, actually comes from his early life. Because, you might not believe this, but John McAffee’s life actually started out pretty normally. After graduating from college, he went on to work for NASA, then Xerox and then even to some consulting companies. In 1987, he finally founded McAfee Associates and he reached real success and fame by creating the first commercial antivirus software – the well-known McAfee.

And then along the way, he somehow became an international fugitive and a person of interest in a murder case. Not to mention the fact that he has been in jail in more countries than we could count on one hand. (Or two or three, for that matter). At 74, he is also married to a woman half his age whom he met while she was still working as a sex worker. He also reportedly states that he has 47 biological children.

(We’re really not trying to gossip here but John McAfee’s life is so full of unbelievable details that even just stating the facts is something that resembles a telenovela rather than real life.)

The future president?

McAfee is also interested in politics and wanted to run for president in 2016. That time he unfortunately lost out to another candidate of the Libertarian party but don’t worry. He plans to run again in 2020, either with help from the Libertarian Party or from his own.

It would honestly be an impossible task to try to fit all the crazy details about McAfee into one post. But luckily, we’re interested in one thing a bit more than all the other crazy adventures Mr. McAfee had with the authorities and his very extended family.

Namely: what on earth does John McAfee have to do with bitcoin and why do people listen to him?

John McAfee and the crypto community

The curious case of John McAfee

So if we’re so interested in McAfee’s relationship to bitcoin, then why did we just spend long paragraphs detailing his professional and personal life?

Because it makes perfect sense. John McAfee makes for the ideal Bitcoin enthusiast and advocate.

He is a programmer and software developer so he’s tech-savvy enough to really understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchain works. He also has business experience so a new fintech project is definitely within his expertise. This is all well and good already but couple these experiences with great knowledge about cyber security and a good dose of distrust of any centralised organisation. Now we’re starting to get why John McAfee is such an integral part of the crypto community.

Of course, being this outspoken and unconventional is going to get you some enemies and even more people who wave you off as a crazy lunatic. After all, there’s enough evidence to support the claim of McAfee being simply a crazy lunatic – starting from the police records to McAfee’s very own Twitter posts.

But for some reason, McAfee still has a very big platform. Whenever he says something new, whether it’s about the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto or another crazy bitcoin price prediction, the news sites swarm to the announcement. Within minutes, every second site has reported on a new Twitter post made by John McAfee.

Whether you like it or not, whether you like him or not, John McAfee is a force to be reckoned with.

John McAfee and his bitcoin predictions

By the way, those bitcoin predictions? Those are again too good of a story not to tell.

What happened was, in the summer of 2017, McAfee made a very bold prediction. He claimed that in 3 years the price of bitcoin would reach the staggering high of $500,000.

He later, of course, backpedalled on that. He corrected himself saying that his prediction was a little off – the price of bitcoin would reach 1 million dollars, not only 500k as he previously stated. He even went as far as to say that it’s not only a prediction but that it is “mathematically impossible” for bitcoin not to reach that high. (If someone doubts this, you might want to check out this site, where a devoted bitcoin fan broke down the mathematics behind it. They seem to disagree with McAfee, surprisingly.)

Final thoughts: what will the future bring?

John McAfee is the very definition of controversy. Some people love his comments (he has over 900 thousand Twitter followers). Some people are perplexed by the idea that he somehow became a bitcoin advocate for the community. We might never agree on the character of John McAfee and his views on literally anything. But he is probably here to stay and we can agree on that. (Unless he goes to jail for something which, considering his track record, is not unlikely.)

Also, none of us would probably mind if the price of bitcoin actually reached $1 million in 2020. So even if we might think that John McAfee is a bit crazy, and his “mathematically impossible” bitcoin reality is closer to being possible than not, we can still hope that maybe he is somehow right.

We’re aiming for the moon after all – $1 million for one bitcoin is improbable but not impossible.

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