The best crypto memes to get you through the bear markets

The best crypto memes that will get you through a bear market

The best way to turn a bad situation into a slightly more bearable one is, and has always been, through humor. Cracking a joke about an unfortunate scenario is usually the way to go – once you finally get to the point where you can laugh at yourself, the problem is way closer to resolve itself.

So it’s not a surprise that a huge part of the crypto community tends to cope with the bad situations (such as plummeting prices, FUD and other fun things) by turning everything into a joke – or a meme if we are being more precise here.

The crypto memes are, of course, not only targeted at the bad times – the community has proven to be a quite funny bunch in those days as well when all the talk is about getting filthy rich and buying Lambos and going to the Moon.

So all in all, we can definitely say this: whether it’s a good day for bitcoin or it’s an absolutely, outstandingly terrible one, cypto Twitter has a couple gems that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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In this post, we compiled some of our faves – some of them recent, others are evergreen, ranging from self-depreciating millennial humor to basic memes. The list is far from being non-exhaustive – we’re honestly only here to have a good time and we hope that you’ll enjoy too!

The only way to deal with fluctuating prices: crypto memes

These past couple weeks, we have all been glued to our screens and the reason for that was mostly this: after a nice bull run, the bitcoin price went down. And then up. And then down. And then up. And then down. And then! Surprise: it went up.

The constant fluctuation was perfectly summed up by this tweet:

But a close contender to the best ‘let’s laugh because I don’t want to cry’ tweet might actually this one:

So this week’s joke has been the seemingly never-ending up and down and up and down movements of bitcoin – but as we’ve mentioned before the crypto community is a funny bunch and some devoted Twitter and Reddit users can make a joke out of literally anything in order to soothe the pain of our crypto heartbreaks.

Crypto memes for every occasion

Let’s look at some evergreen memes that can be used in almost any crypto-related scenario:

The best crypto memes to get you through the bear markets

(Though this meme might hit a bit too close to home for all those millennials and gen Z’s whose job is completely incomprehensible to their older relatives and who at every single family event get the oh-so familiar ‘so when are you getting a real job?’ question. Shh, it’s okay, we know.)

As most of the crypto memes (and as most of millennial humor) is mostly made up of self-deprecating and ‘let’s laugh at our pain’ kind of memes, this one is just too fitting to leave out. (But believe us: just stop calculating – it will only break your heart.)

The best crypto memes to get you through the bear markets

Trading can seem quite complicated at times. The conflicting opinions and forecasts make a lot of people quite doubtful – who should we believe if one “trusted expert” says one thing and then another “bitcoin veteran” says the complete opposite? Seemingly everyone can back up their predictions with graphs and numbers and foolproof analytics even when they are completely conflicting.

This is why the only graph we personally trust is this:

The best crypto memes to get you through the bear markets

One smile goes a long way

The bitcoin community has been through a lot over the years. People lost spectacular amounts of money in minutes. Others made fortunes and now are among the richest just because they trusted this little coin at the right time and at the right place.

But it would be very hard to find another community that jokes so much about losing money due to the volatility of their investment. Still, when we go on Twitter or Reddit the memes about falling prices, bitcoin’s volatility and bear markets is seemingly endless.

When you have seen as many things as all these crypto veterans have witnessed, you learn that a little bit of humor goes a long way.

And you can trust crypto’s volatility to always offer the perfect joke on a silver plate, ready to entertain every single Reddit user.

And while we chuckle and sometimes even genuinely laugh out loud at these memes, there’s something else hidden in all this. Sure, crypto memes and jokes shouldn’t be taken seriously – it’s not a big philosophical question and we can most certainly simply enjoy these without making everything out to be social criticism.

Only invest as much as you’re willing to lose – the moral of the memes

But the abundance of memes point to one major conclusion: getting involved in crypto means that you have to be able to laugh at yourself at the end – even if it turns out that you seemingly put your money on the wrong horse. If you decide to back an altcoin, make sure to only invest as much as you’re willing to lose. Because crypto can be the gateway to heaven. This technology, blockchain and bitcoin and everything that comes with it, is going to be something that changes the way we live – it is already something that changes things in our lives every single day.

But we also have to be honest: not all of it is sunshine and rainbows. And you have to learn how to deal with that. You have to learn how to take crashing prices and scams and bear markets as something that might happen – as something that probably will happen at one point, be that in the near future or way down the line.

The crypto memes and the jokes are here for a very good reason – to help cope with the uncertainty and the bad times. But they are also here to build community. It is the founding stone of something bigger and better that we can achieve and build together. It also helps to get more people into bitcoin – crypto memes are easy to digest while reading long articles about how blockchain actually works is something that requires dedication and time.

But before we get too deep: have some more crypto memes instead!

The best crypto memes to get you through the bear markets


The best crypto memes to get you through the bear markets

The best crypto memes to get you through the bear markets

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