The advantages of buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in person

The advantages of buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in person

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Investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular over the years. With the recent bullish run bitcoin has been on, finally getting out of the bear market it experienced during last year, the interest to invest in these digital assets has returned – and it’s not simply back, it has multiplied.

(You can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online at or using the Lurdy ATM.)

Getting started in the crypto world

But when we’re just starting out in the crypto world, getting familiar with the topic, the sheer number of investment possibilities can be overwhelming at first sight. All those coins and exchanges and exciting, up-and-coming crypto projects… Where should we start? How do we even invest in bitcoin? Or should we invest in something else? We don’t want to be left out of the best opportunities but what should we do if we want to go big and invest a considerable amount into cryptocurrencies?

Luckily, these questions are not as complicated as they first seem. Today, we’re going go into details about a topic that a lot of potential bitcoiners and crypto enthusiasts might find interesting: the advantages of buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in person.

While most crypto news sites and blogs deal with buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the exchanges, there is actually a lot advantages to buying these in person. And people are catching up on this. Over the last year, it has become very popular among investors to deal with their crypto sales face-to-face instead of the impersonal exchanges.

And if you’re living in Budapest, it’s your lucky day today. We are also going to be sharing with you the details on how you can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the lovely capital city of Hungary with the help of the Coinmixed team.

Buying bitcoin in person or buying on the exchanges?

Before we jump into listing the advantages of buying crypto in person, we should make sure that we all know what buying in person actually entails and how it’s different from trading on the exchanges. But for that, we need to say a few words about the OTC market – after all, buying in person is buying on the OTC market.

The advantages of buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in person

In a previous post, we have already gave a quite detailed description of the so-called OTC (over-the-counter) bitcoin markets. But don’t worry, we are not going to start repeating ourselves. The only important thing you need to know now about the OTC market is that it takes place outside of the exchanges. This attribute is especially attractive to investors who would like to trade in big volumes – as those can bump into a couple problems when traded on the traditional crypto exchanges.

For one, it can cause liquidity problems. If a big volume is traded without consulting with the exchange first, we might have to face a longer processing time as the liquidity of these exchanges are not well-equipped for such huge transactions. And if we’re dealing with even bigger volumes then that can also cause unfavorable movements on the exchange rate. And in almost all cases, they are the most unfavorable to the trader who just completed the huge transaction.

Privacy, discretion and increased anonimity

But these are not the only advantages of dealing with crypto sales in person. These transactions offer not only improved privacy and anonymity, but also complete discretion. As the investment is carried out in person, the transaction doesn’t have to make it to the exchanges where a lot of people can get access to the details of the deal. The improved anonymity is also paired with less regulation as personal deals in general have to face less regulatory overview.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies in person also offers the clients a wide variety of services. We can get personalized deals and exclusive offers that otherwise would not be available to us. In a lot of cases, we can even buy these crypto assets using cash. This would be impossible if we’d be trading on the exchanges.

But the biggest trump card that buying bitcoin in person offers is something that exchanges can rarely ever give us. In today’s world, trust is of utmost value. This trust is built on experience. Once we completed a successful in-person trade we know the people who work for us. We know the process and we have first-hand experience with how the investment works. Having constant personal assistance is not only effective in terms of getting the deal done quickly and efficiently. It’s also highly valuable from a personal point of view. When we’re dealing with investments, trusting a faceless exchange is not the easiest to do. Fortunately, it’s not the only way to invest in bitcoin.

The advantages of buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in person

So now, let’s see how we can actually carry out an in-person bitcoin investment in the heart of Hungary – the lovely Budapest.

Buying bitcoin in person in Budapest

While Budapest is getting more and more recognition within the crypto community, the opportunities for buying bitcoin in person were few and far between in the city. But now the Coinmixed team is ready to accept clients for a personal meeting. You can not only hear about the different investment options they offer, you can also carry out a deal whenever you’re ready for it – even in cash!

The Coinmixed office can be found in the easily accessible Lurdy House (address: 12-14 Könyves Kálmás krt.). The team is also available by phone at +36 (1) 44-33-600 or by email at [email protected].

Investing into the future

Buying bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurrencies is an investment decision that requires thought, time and consideration. There are multiple ways to invest into the crypto assets and it’s without a doubt that all options have different advantages over the others.

Buying cryptocurrencies in person is a popular way of investment. The constant personal assistance and customer service paired with personalized, exclusive deals is something that exchanges can’t offer to their clients. In-person deals also offer increased anonymity, privacy and complete discretion. In addition, it makes sure that we don’t encounter any unnecessary liquidity problems during our deal.

But maybe most importantly, a lot of people prefer to buy cryptocurrencies in person because investments require a lot of trust. Clients invest their money to make sure that they have a secure and bright future. No one wants to gamble with that. Trust in the asset and in the investment team is non-negotiable.

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