Fee Policy: deposits, withdrawals, orders

Some of the services provided on Coinmixed.eu (`Website`,`Site`, `Platform`) may be subject to charges. Fees may apply as mentioned herein in this Fee policy (`Policy`) and services are charged accordingly. In case you do not agree with our Policy, terms and conditions and the respecti

ve regulations, kindly exit the Website immediately.

The Policy may be amended and/or changed at any time without a prior notice and the access to and use of the Website and/or user account and/or services may be restricted or terminated at any time. We highly recommend to check such information on the Website each time you access your account or any of our services.

Stablecoin pairs exchange is fully automatic and instant.

Stablecoin/Crypto pair Buy Fee Sell Fee
USDT/BTC 0,26% 0,26%
USDT/ETH 0,26% 0,26%
USDT/LTC 0,26% 0,26%
USDT/ILK 0,26% 0,26%
USDC/BTC 0,26% 0,26%
USDC/ETH 0,26% 0,26%
USDC/LTC 0,26% 0,26%
USDC/ILK 0,26% 0,26%






Daily exchange limit is 3.600.000 HUF or the equivalent in cryptocurrency

Daily exchange limit: on the Website the daily limits are the following – however, limits may differ from these as per our prior confirmation.

Monthly exchange limit is 18.000.000 HUF or the equivalent in cryptocurrency

Monthly exchange limit: on the Website the monthly limits are the following however it may differ from it due to our prior confirmation,




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Prices include fees. Additional charges for methods of payment may apply.

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