Proof of sake

Staking – is this the future of cryptocurrencies?

One of the most versatile used cryptocurrencies, Ethereum will have a major upgrade in 2020 shifting to the proof of stake protocol. Transactions on the Ethereum blockchain will be validated by those who stake or hold a certain number of coins in contrast to the current process where miners process the transactions. How Ethereum 2.0 […]

Billy explains the bright side of the crypto world

The bright side of the cryptomoon explained in memes

Today we are going to take a look on the bright side of the crypto world, and we analyze the life stages of the typical cryptocurrency user from an unusual perspective. It means that we are going to describe the whole system with funny memes, stories and anecdotes found in the waste and deep ocean […]


What to do when bitcoin price is falling?

That’s easy, HODL! Okay, but what else can you do when bitcoin price is falling and the crypto market turns bearish? Let’s go through together the options you can choose from when the price of bitcoin is decreasing. During the last couple of weeks bitcoin’s price turned into red and there was a gradual decrease […]

Buy Bitcoin Featured

How to Buy Bitcoin without Registration?

Buying Bitcoin without Registration? Yes, it is possible! Bitcoin and the blockchain technology is getting more and more popular in the world. The fast and low-cost transactions are disrupting people’s everyday life and once someone gets to know the technology often does not want to switch back to the ordinary fiat payment system with its […]

Litecoin dusting attack

Litecoin: the silver to bitcoin’s gold?

When someone gets involved in the cryptocurrency scene, it is very easy to get caught up in the hype and whirlwind world of bitcoin – the best, the biggest, the original. It is understandable, of course – why would we even bother with something else when bitcoin seems to be the pinnacle of cryptocurrencies? (If […]


What can I do with Ethereum beyond paying?

After bitcoin, probably Ethereum is the other most popular cryptocurrency in the world due to its versatile usability. While everyone knows by now that you can pay with bitcoin quickly and at a low fee, do you know what can you do with Ethereum? Surely you can also pay with it, but there are a […]

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