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How to Buy Bitcoin without Registration?

Buying Bitcoin without Registration? Yes, it is possible!

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology is getting more and more popular in the world. The fast and low-cost transactions are disrupting people’s everyday life and once someone gets to know the technology often does not want to switch back to the ordinary fiat payment system with its defects as being expensive, slow and requiring a lot of administration.

Those who are new to technology often get intimated by the amount of information available. First reading about the history of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, then watching videos on Youtube reading all the relevant and available articles about bitcoin you can get your hands on. Finding interesting topics in the process and gets distracted continuously. As you only wanted to buy bitcoin and this much of information seems just to be too much. But this should not be the case every time.

Certainly you need to understand the basics of the technology and what is bitcoin, and if you want to deal with cryptocurrencies seriously on an investing or trading level you cannot simply skip these steps. But if you just want to try out bitcoin without all the hassle you do not need to spend weeks and months of studying.

Buy Bitcoin witout Studying

Buying bitcoin now is not complicated at all!

Have you heard about bitcoin and want to buy cryptocurrency but afraid of the process?

Ever wondered how to buy bitcoin and thought so it is a super-complicated process that requires a lot of technical knowledge? Worried about KYC and AML and who knows what else abbreviations? Or the tons of information you need to provide about yourself during buying bitcoin? If you had these problems in the past and postponed buying bitcoin because of these excuses, YOUR TIME HAS COME NOW!

You can try bitcoin without commitment.

The Coinmixed crypto exchange has been already the leading platform for buying and selling bitcoin and other altcoins such as ethereum and litecoin in the region. We did our best to simplify registration and onboarding our new client. Yet it seemed like that there is a group of users who are reluctant to try out bitcoin as they have some worries. We would like to address their concerns with the new feature we have just introduced on Coinmixed.

Buying bitcoin – simply

Here are the steps to buy bitcoin without registration on Coinmixed.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy (bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin)
  3. Add the amount of your purchase
  4. Enter your email address (for confirming the transaction)
  5. Add your name and confirm you are paying on your own behalf
  6. Enter your phone number (for confirming the transaction)
  7. Enter your BTC address
  8. Pay for the bitcoins

That’s it, you have bought your first coins, congratulation! Wasn’t too bad, right?

If you would like to see a detailed explanation of the above steps, continue reading below.

Buy Bitcoin Now

Head to to see the new frontpage app. There are three different altcoins you can choose from, including bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC). Each of these coins has its own benefits if you want you can read more about the ethereum here and litecoin here. Pick a cryptocurrency you would like to buy.

Set the amount of bitcoin you would like to buy. The minimum purchase is 20000 HUF and you can buy up to 90000 HUF worth of bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin without registration on Coinmixed.

Enter your email address where Coinmixed can send the transaction confirmation details so you can follow your purchase on the blockchain live.

Buy Bitcoin Disclaimer

The next step is to fill out the disclaimers. Don’t worry, no hidden fees, or long text. Just tick and confirm you are acting on your own behalf and fill out your name. Your ID card or passport is not needed to process the transaction, you only need to provide your name. charges a 3.5% commission which is a competitive rate on the market. The best that there are no further fees you need to pay on the purchase, you just pay the market rate seen on the screen.

Hang on, we are almost there.

Buy Bitcoin Phone

The last part of the form is to provide your mobile phone number. Why do you need to provide your phone number? To avoid frauds. You will need to pay with a credit card for bitcoin and to reduce the risk of thefts and frauds, a confirmation SMS text message is sent to your phone number to confirm your transaction details.

Final step is to provide your bitcoin address where you want the bitcoins to be sent to.

Don’t know how to get a bitcoin address? No problem. You can either use a trusted wallet provider like Jaxx or Exodus who are specified exactly to this: providing a bitcoin address. If you don’t want to deal with this, you can still choose to register at Coinmixed and we can provide you a trusted, secure wallet to hold your bitcoins.

It’s your choice, pick a wallet option which suits your needs the best.

Click on continue and your order is submitted already! Yayy, one more step closed to buy bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin Order submitted

In order to process the transaction, you must click on the email to confirm the transaction and add the code you have received in SMS.

Buy Bitcoin SMS Verifiction

Once all done you are getting to the payment page. You can with a credit card, SEPA transfer or even with USDC stable coin for your bitcoins. You can use both euros or Hungarian forint for paying for the transaction.

At the end of the transaction, you are receiving the transaction ID of your purchase so you can follow the path of bitcoin traveling into your wallet.

Final thoughts

Buying bitcoin without registration is a popular function on Coinmixed as users can get to know the technology of cryptocurrencies without risking anything.

  • Quick – as the purchase requests are processed automatically
  • Cheap – as no hidden fees, everything is included in the reasonable 3.5% commission
  • Secure – as no need to provide ID cards or passports over the internet

Once you have received your bitcoin what are you going to do with them next?

You have
You get
Prices include fees. Additional charges for methods of payment may apply.

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