Bitcoin acceptance in Hungary: where can I spend bitcoin in Budapest?

Bitcoin acceptance in Hungary: where can I spend bitcoin in Budapest?

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Hungary might not be the biggest economy in the world but it definitely has a lot to offer. Every year there are millions of tourists coming to visit the country. Whether you’re a tourist or maybe an expat living in Budapest, knowing where you can use not only fiat money but cryptocurrencies for your purchases can never hurt. This is why we decided to give you a little taste of all the possible places you can visit in Hungary that offer bitcoin as an option. Get your crypto wallet and hop on the plane – we have places to be.

So let’s suppose you come here for a weekend to check out some ruin bars to experience the best of the Budapest nightlife. Or maybe you come here to check out the monuments and the gorgeous architecture and the Danube and the museums, if that’s more your style. Whatever your reason for coming is, one thing is certain. You will buy things while you are here – that’s what tourists do after all.

Payments in Hungary: fiat or bitcoin?

As Hungary is not part of the Eurozone, you will certainly need to exchange your money if you want to make some purchases using your fiat currencies. So in the traditional scenario, the first step is this: Euros and Dollars have to be exchanged into Forints, the local Hungarian currency. Some places do accept foreign currencies but the exchange rate in individual stores and shops will almost certainly rip you off in the majority of cases. When you get your Forint, you’re all set. Off you go and enjoy your stay here. It’s not hard at all – but it still requires some effort.

Bitcoin acceptance in Hungary: where can I spend bitcoin in Budapest?

This is way we have another suggestion for you. Why not use your bitcoin while making your purchases in Hungary?

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Some of you might be wondering. Are there really that many places and services where they accept bitcoin as a payment in such a small country? Oh yeah, we’ve got some good news for you. The list looks quite long. We’re only going to showcase our favorites out of the most well-known places in Hungary where they accept cryptocurrencies but it might be enough to convince you.

So what sort of services are available in Hungary using bitcoin? You might be surprised by the variety of the places – there are some quite surprising ones here. Paying for a hotel room, jewelries or taxis are quite standard all over the world. But you can also use your cryptocurrencies in hair salons, bars, pubs, cafés, and lawyer’s offices. You can even buy training lessons for your dogs if you want!

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the potential places that accept bitcoin in Hungary.

The best of the best: ruin pubs and wine bars

If you come to Budapest, the first thing the locals will advise you to visit are the ruin pubs – and with good reason. Anker’t, the ruin bar and restaurant, is located in the very heart of the city and it is definitely a place you want to check out while visiting Budapest. The fact that they also accept bitcoin is only the cherry on top of the cake. The courtyard pub offers all the usual drinks and pretty great food too,. For entertainment they also hold slam poetry evenings or invite underground DJs as well. They were one of the earliest places to offer the option of paying in bitcoin. They’ve been the place to go as a crypto enthusiast since 2014.

If you want to go to a more fancy and elegant place, then Doblo Wine & Bar can be a great choice. They also accept bitcoin as a payment and enjoying a couple glasses of great Hungarian wine is a wonderful way to finish off your evening while in Budapest.

Bitcoin acceptance in Hungary: where can I spend bitcoin in Budapest?

If you are ever in need of a ride, don’t hesitate to call Etalon Taxi. They are one of the few taxi companies who proudly display their ‘Bitcoin Acceptance’ logo on some of their cars. Just make sure you tell them beforehand because bitcoin payment is not available in all of their cars.

Bitcoin acceptance in Hungary

This is of course far from the full list. If you’re interested in checking out all the amazing places where BTC is accepted, you can also head to Coinmap.orgThere you can find all the stores and restaurants and hotels where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted. The map shows a lot of cool places not only in Hungary but all over the world.

One thing you might notice on the map is the difference between Budapest and, well, the rest of Hungary. While Budapest offers a variety of services where bitcoin is accepted, unfortunately other parts of Hungary haven’t started following the example of the capital city so far. We’re hopeful it’ll change in the future. There are some amazing spots in Debrecen, Szeged or Győr that people should definitely see. Adding Bitcoin as a payment possibility might just be the way to get more tourists to visit them.

Bitcoin ATM in Budapest

If we’re writing about bitcoin acceptance in Hungary, then we also have to talk about another possibility: Bitcoin ATMs.

Coinmixed has two bitcoin ATMs in Budapest, both in places often frequented by tourists. One of them can be found in Lurdy House, which is a shopping mall not far from the city center. The other is located on Corvin sétány in a lovely dessert shop called Wiener Szalon. Definitely make sure to check that out if you’re walking through that area. Getting your Bitcoin is great and all – but everything is better with cake.

Bitcoin ATMs are definitely the best way to go if you don’t want to worry about only going to places where they accept your cryptocurrencies. Using the ATMs, you can get your Bitcoin exchanged into Forints directly. This way you don’t have to lose your money over exchanging the crypto into your local currency first and then that fiat money into Forints. Plus you can go to all the hole-in-wall bars and street food restaurants where the only thing the owners accept is cash. (And believe us, after checking out the nightlife in Budapest, that street food deliciousness will be the only thing you’ll want to eat.)

At the end of your trip, you can always just use the ATMs again to change your Forint back into bitcoin. And when you head home, you can just lean back and remember the good bars, the even better wine and the best cakes.

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